Bravo-TV’s Top Stud Muscles His Way to Stardom

By Rich Klefsky

For over a decade, Courtney Paul’s passion in life has been helping people to become healthier, faster and stronger. Through his CPXperience, a specially branded fitness program, Courtney has motivated clients far beyond their physical limits. Now Bravo is doing the same for Courtney, transporting the unapologetically bawdy, rebellious, electrifying and hilarious personality from his Big Apple gym into living rooms across the country.

Courtney Paul is the star of Bravo’s newest reality TV show, Work Out New York, a series that chronicles seven of Manhattan’s elite personal trainers.

“I was made for reality television,” asserts the out trainer whose confidence is as hefty as his brawn. It’s his unique brand of no-nonsense tough talk that has helped propel him into one of Manhattan’s most sought-after trainers. It’s also one of the reasons he was selected to star in the series.

Courtney Paul Promo Kit TCG_Fotography_72-1Courtney is a fixture at high-end New York sports clubs like David Barton Gym, and Barry’s Bootcamp, where he is a master instructor. His roster of celebrity clients includes Katie Holmes, Dylan McDermott, Elizabeth Olson, Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski and Tony Award winners Alan Cumming and Jane Krakowski.

Courtney was the first trainer booked for the show and he is using the platform to introduce his CPXperience workout to a national audience. A name coined by Paul, CPXperience is a thoughtfully curated mix of strength and cardio-intensive interval training specifically designed to build muscle, lean and tone.

A particular focus is placed on the legs and glutes because Courtney believes a perfect physique starts with a strong foundation. A fortunate side effect to his program (and likely why it has become so popular) is it builds that perfect POW booty.

Courtney is also using the show to launch his next endeavor: fitness vacations.  Clients are offered combination workout-vacation-retreats to exotic destinations. Days are started with Courtney’s signature workouts (think bicep curls on the beaches of Turks and Caicos or running the streets of Barcelona) followed by travel adventures and, of course, rest.

Says Courtney, “When you take a fitness vacation, there’s no need to come home feeling like you need to go on a diet because you ate too much. And why worry about having that extra drink at dinner? You know I’ll make you sweat it out in the morning!”

The vacations also encourage yearlong fitness, a belief Courtney strongly adheres to. One of his favorite things to say is “the body of the summer is made in the winter.”

“People always rush to lose weight three weeks before they have to get into a swimsuit,” he says.  “When you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready — because you never know when you’re going to have to strip down and show it off.”

Work Out New York is airing now on Bravo.   Visit:

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