It’s pride season again and part of taking pride in who you are is taking pride in what you wear. As gay men we have always been at the forefront of the Fashion industry so it’s our duty to stay well dressed and on trend.   In case you aren’t the type of gay that can magically turn an outfit into a fashion statement, never fear! Your boy, Cisco has the good, the bad, and the ugly on this season’s hottest looks so you can take on Pride season with style.

Athleisure – This look combines active wear with lounge wear.  The goal is to be dressed up but laid back.  Jogger pants with a structured blazer and a t-shirt are perfect for summer nights at the club.  Hung over?  Throw on a button up dress shirt and draw-string sweat shorts for a bottomless Mimosa brunch.  Dress slacks and high top sneakers are prefect for a first date.  Top if off  with a varsity jacket for a smart, sporty, put-together look. Finally, here’s a hint – don’t feel like you have to be screaming with color this summer. Blacks, whites and various shades of blue and gray are this season’s most wanted summer hues.

Summer Whites – Forget waiting until the next white party to rock white denim.  White is always the best color for summer.  It’s a must have this summer but take caution…. white can instantly make your ass look larger than it actually is, which serves some of us better than others.  On the other hand, a big ass is never a bad thing.  Tapered leg pants are still dominating the menswear market.  Try a messy rolled cuff, cropped at the ankle for a laid back summertime feel. Whatever you do avoid red wine, hugging drag queens, filthy dog paws and brushing against unwashed cars.

Matching Sets – The 1990’s are back and so are matching sets!  The look is sporty with pull-on shorts and short-sleeve sweatshirts.  Both prints and solids are popular but be careful not to go overboard with this look.  A bold print on both top and bottom pieces can become too busy and give others a headache.  Leave busy tops and bottoms to the bath house and keep matching sets subtle with muted colors and prints.

Metallic – Thinking back to the MC Hammer days of metallic drop-crotch pants and shiny track suits- a la Missy Elliot, metallics are now subtle and used to accent pockets and jacket linings.

Riviera look – This trend is preppy but laid back.  Think in terms of a dressed up day at the beach.  Staple pieces include cardigans, cable-knit sweaters, bucket hats and double breasted blazers.  The summer parka is an unexpected piece for a summer wardrobe but is re-imagined in light weight fabrics for warmer months.  Honestly, this is a great look but requires way too many layers for summer.  If you’re like me then summertime is the best time for being naked so I’ll save the cardigans for fall or at least until someone tells me to put some clothes on.

Ultimately, Pride season is about celebrating who we are as individuals and a as community. Fashion allows us to do just that.  Fashion is what you want it to be so make it yours no matter what that bitchy queen in the corner says.  Gays are and always will be an essential part of the fashion world and that’s something we can all take pride in.



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