There are a few things that you need to know before you start using edibles… especially if you want to avoid the most common mistake – over consumption. Many of us, myself included, have consumed too much because we failed to realize that the reaction or “high” will be delayed. While edibles are very potent and are extremely effective at helping to relieve nausea and pain, they can produce unwelcome symptoms if consumed in excessive doses. Just for you, I have compiled some information that you may find helpful.

How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Work?

When smoking or vaping weed, you will feel its effects almost immediately. The speed at which you feel “high” makes these two smoking methods easier to determine when you’ve had enough. However, if you eat cannabis infused foods, it can be very difficult to know how much you’ve taken since the effects can take a while to be felt. When you eat edibles, your body has to digest the food and then metabolize it before you feel any effect. Simply put, it takes time for your liver to process the food (edible), therefore it is absorbed slower and larger amounts of THC is filtered out. Another factor in determining how quickly the effects will be felt is your individual metabolic rate. People with a faster metabolism may experience effects after just an hour, whereas those with a slower metabolism are likely to feel an effect after two or more hours have passed.

How Long Does The Effect Last?

Many people are unaware that the effect of an edible lasts much longer than the effect of smoking or vaping weed. The reason is, edibles are generally made from highly concentrated cannabis oil and while this is good news in terms of medicating, it also means that it is easy to get the dosage wrong. While it’s impossible to take a fatal overdose of cannabis, ingesting too much can produce fairly unpleasant results, and this means that you should definitely consume with caution. If you are consuming edibles on an empty stomach you will generally feel the effect more rapidly; while eating edibles on a full stomach means that the impact will generally be less effective.

Dosage Information On Labels

If you are buying edibles from a dispensary, there are certain things that you should look out for if you want to have a predictable experience. Since marijuana products are not regulated by the FDA, there can be limited consistency in dosages between products. Make it your responsibility to ask and/or research dosage recommendations. When making your purchase, carefully read the label so that you can determine the right dosage for you. Always choose a clearly labelled product that has been properly packaged, so that you can have peace of mind in its safety.

Remember, this information is not intended to be medical advice.  Please consult your practitioner for more information.  Until next time, stay irie friends.

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