Headless fairies, demonic blades, gang wars, and three friends just trying to make it through high school in Ikebukuro equals  Durarara!! sometimes shortened to DRRR!!  Based on the Japanese novel originally illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda and written by Ryohgo Narita, DRRR!! was picked up and made into an anime. We first meet Mikado Ryūgamine who has just moved into town. After meeting up with longtime friend Masaomi Kida, the two come across “The Black Biker” sometimes called “The Headless Rider,” a member of the “Dollars” fighting gang and a package courier. Many characters are introduced throughout the series, some good, others not so much, but each one’s lives intersect at some point with the others. The series is unique in the way that it’s told by each of the characters, from their varying perspectives. The show is very fast paced in its story telling, so make sure to pay attention. With two or more crazy events happening per episode the show keeps you interested with well written characters. The first season, which is 26 episodes, is available to watch on both Hulu and Netflix, dubbed or with subtitles.

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