Dominic Pacifico is The MasterBeater

By Mark Dawson


Dominic Pacifico is more than just a pretty face and hot body.   The adult film star is also an in-demand spinner.  His DJ name? DJ Pornstar, of course.  And now, with the release of his first original dance track, he’s adding producer to his resume.  But he’s not using Dominic Pacifico or DJ Pornstar – instead, releasing the beats under his latest moniker, PACIFICO. “Whether I’m Dominic Pacifico, DJ Pornstar, or now, PACIFICO, my artistry stems from a love of play,” he says.  “I live to play and I will play for life.”

Why so many names?  

Dominic Pacifico:  (Laughing) Good Question! Dominic Pacifico came first but when I started spinning, friends called me DJ Pornstar.  It was a meant as a joke but, somehow, the name stuck.

Has your work in porn made it harder to be taken seriously in music? 

Yes, a lot of promoters refuse to work with me because they don’t believe that I’m a professional DJ.  They think it’s all just some big gimmick.

DJ Pornstar naked with headphonesTell us about Earth From Here.  

The song is a lyrical collaboration with Jeb Havens. It has a Calvin Harris style to it.

Who is Jeb Havens?

He is a songwriter and vocalist that I’ve known for about eight years, but this was the first time we were able to work together. I came to Jeb on this project because I wanted a fun pop vibe to go with the beats. I love his sound.  He has a sexy country twang to his voice.

Is this your first track with Pump Records?  

It’s my second track with Pump. Once they heard what I could do, they offered me a contract.  I’m very excited to be focusing my work with one record label.

Are you really planning to launch your own adult studio this year?

Yes. I’m re-launching as an independent producer.  I just signed Casey Everett as an exclusive! I will also have a live camera option on the site where I can stream my live DJ sets and fans can cam with me one-on-one.

Go back to Casey Everett.  How did that happen?

I met Casey when I was on tour in California. I thought he was the most adorable boy, so sweet, sexy and charming. I would say he’s more than a friend but I can’t really define the relationship. He calls me Daddy, I call him son. When he said he was having trouble getting adult industry work, I was shocked. So I offered him an exclusive contract. I’ve directed him in a few shoots over the past couple months. We shot a scene together last week for the first time.

Sounds exciting!

I’m looking forward to the release of the site. As a director, I finally get to have 100% creative control over what I produce. My new production style is a cross between artsy and raunch. I love fetish porn but I wanted to make it more cinematic.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

I love pizza and beer, the two worst things for your diet and waistline, but I eat it anyway.

What’s something you enjoy doing in your spare time that might surprise readers?

I love home improvement projects and real estate. I just bought a second property in New Mexico. I’m thinking of maybe building a shipping container home on the property.

If you had to choose between music and porn, which would you pick?

I would definitely choose the music over porn.  A guy can’t stay in porn forever, but if he’s good, a life long career in music is possible.

In San Francisco?  See Dominic Pacifico, AKA DJ Pornstar, AKA PACIFICO, live when he performs his  solo sex show LIVE at Nob Hill Theatre  (729 Bush Street, San Francisco) on February 26th and 27th.



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