DJ MORNINGSTAR has been named “BEST ‘HOUSE’ DJ IN LAS VEGAS” in a Voters-Choice Award and “BEST DJ IN LAS VEGAS” in an Editors-Choice Award, both by Las Vegas City Life.  In 2011, he was Awarded 1st runner up to the legendary DJ AM as “VEGAS’ BEST DJ” via a Voters Choice Award at He has performed on dance floors across Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Las Vegas, San Diego, OC, Paris, London, San Francisco, Miami and more; whether headlining or performing alongside Superstar DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren, Deadmau5, and a host of others. Morningstar opened for Kylie Minogue at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and for the Pet Shop Boys at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. He is known to attract a fanatically energetic following, all of whom share a bond: a celebratory connection to the unique DJ sets that he passionately pushes himself to ensure will raise any bar, top any dance journey and expand the nightlife experience.


Who was your biggest influence when you started remixing/deejaying?

Man, that’s tough to say. My formative years started with Rock N Roll (GNR, Nirvana, etc.). Then I was almost exclusively into Hip Hop through my teenage years. Before I even knew how DJing actually worked, there was a pivotal time where I got into the early 2000’s – Rock resurgence. I started reading and deciphering interesting lyrics, my mind started expanding into it, I started getting into styles and music I would’ve closed myself off to before. I started realizing the power of music past face value – how emotive music can power you through sadness, depression and make you feel like you have a reason to exist. Simply put: Inspire you. As cliche as it sounds, I knew I had to do something music related, because I had nothing else in life. I expanded into Industrial and dark wave music, like VNV Nation, which led to guys like Daft Punk, Underworld, then into House – Progressive, Trance, Tribal, Electro. I delved into some popular names such as Guetta, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Kaskade, and too many more to list.  I guess to put it more simply: My influences are so plentiful that it’s hard to really say one in particular. DJs don’t inspire me so much these days. DJ AM was probably my last big DJ influence. David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, early Madonna… these are probably in line with my biggest artistic/performance influences.

Describe a DJ Morningstar set.  What do you want the crowd to walk away with?

Early on, discovering what’s now commonplace – “I want to be a DJ”, I was into lots of Punk bands. I saw this sense of almost cult like fellowship they achieved. When I went to shows, the energy was so intense that you’d think it was violent from the outside. But when you were there, it was just fun. You wanted to jump out of your own skin. I always strive to achieve a sense of urgency and euphoria, albeit obviously appropriated to a club setting, that has people feeling where I’m coming from, in a passionate sense. Even when playing songs we all hear all the time, I try to program, mix and introduce them with an edge that can somehow tell a story as to why I’m even up there DJing. It’s not to simply have fun, or to make money, or be popular. It’s because having the privilege to do it is what gives me my life’s blood. No matter what genre I play, I find artistry in how to form a unique DJ set with your own personality oozing through. And seeing a crowd lose their minds and celebrate with their bodies is the ultimate reward. I want them to leave feeling like they experienced something powerful, in whatever way they seek.

You certainly do hop around to a lot of cities.  What events do you have coming up?

My schedule is always kind of crazy and adding to itself sporadically, but I have residencies in WeHo at Here Lounge on Saturdays (“Ride”), as well as Micky’s, amongst lots of other great nights. I’m often in Las Vegas, currently at Share Nightclub at least a Friday a month, and Revo Sundays at the Mirage. I’m playing for Temptation Sundays at the Luxor Pool on July 5th and September 6th. I’ve also been playing in OC quite a bit lately at WTF Fridays.

Everyone has a hidden talent – what’s yours?

I guess the ability to direct a severe case of OCD into places that really matter to me. It helps keep me on my toes and to never be truly satisfied with myself, yet striving to achieve a level of “perfectionism” that I tirelessly hope to. Perhaps that can be considered a talent, haha. Specific to DJing: I think it’s just a love of mixing songs together in a unique way with my own hands and brain, programming music together to create a vibe, and delving into all types of music then wanting to showcase an ability to harmonize that to an audience. In a way, combining all of that creates a talent that I always hope to achieve.

Where can our readers find you? (fan page) and (personal page)

Twitter @MorningstarDJ (@MorningstarDJ)

Instagram @MorningstarDJ

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