Vincent Joseph Corrales aka DJ Galaxy was born in Los Angeles, California. Vincent arrived in this world to be in the music and entertainment industry. His background in music began with his family… his mother Francis played piano, his father Edward played guitar, brother Tony was a radio disc jockey, and aunt Pilita Corrales is a famous singer/entertainer in the Philippines.  As a young child DJ Galaxy would scratch his Disney records back & forth on his plastic turntable while songs played on the radio. He loved the distinctive sound of records scratching to whatever music was playing in the background. But vinyl wasn’t his only interest, as he is self-taught on the piano, playing by ear. When he hears a song, he can pretty much play along.


In the winter of 1992, Vincent began his professional DJ career at VIP Club in Riverside, California. From there, he went on to spin across the United States at events, pride festivals, and various bars and clubs. Locally in the Palm Springs area, Vincent has worked at many of the hot spots… Daddy Warbucks, Choices, Sidewinders, Hunters, StreetBar, Chill, and Toucans Tiki Lounge.


In the mid 90’s, while spinning in Riverside and San Bernardino, Vincent noticed the audiences were becoming more aggressive, as he witnessed countless fights between straights and gays. Vincent wanted to bring some sort of change to the violence that had surrounded him in the nightclub scene and began his efforts where he could have an impact – on the dance floor. He decided to no longer play music that was negative, vulgar, or degrading to any sex, race or orientation. Vincent literally changed his format overnight, along with his DJ name… from this point on he would be DJ Galaxy.  Expanding his name to include these words: Peace, Pride, and Love. Vincent’s goal was to replace hate with love on the dance floor and he was very committed to making this change, whether the crowd liked it or not. His decision was met with both love and hate. During this time he was spinning in clubs that were not in the best of neighborhoods. His audience didn’t know any other style of music than what was heard in the urban world. While he was certain to lose a large part of his audience because of style change, that did not stop him, and the dance floor went from a violent place, to a place where people could come together and celebrate with friends – gay or straight.  Vincent was happy to leave the days of negative music behind, and the dance floor is only one piece of the puzzle that makes up his slogan Peace*Pride*Love. Vincent includes those three words as part of his branding everywhere he spins to help remind himself what he stands for. Vincent says, “In this business it’s very easy to get distracted from my underlying goal. These words remind me of where I came from and the work that is still needed.”

Vincent has showed no signs of slowing down. He’s very involved in his community and continues spinning his positive upbeat tunes everywhere he goes. Vincent lends his name to many charitable causes, rallies for equal rights, and helps raise money for various non-profits including the annual AIDS LifeCycle.  Additionally, Vincent has a video production and graphic design business, and hopes to create his own record label to produce dance, house, and EDM music.


What DJs does DJ Galaxy listen to?  Vincent tells us that his favorite DJs are Tiesto, Avicii, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris, to name a few. Vincent says that 2018 will be a year of DJ guest spots throughout the country, including various prides and special events. Vincent currently spins at various venues throughout the greater Palm Springs area, where you can hear everything from the latest club hits, to throwbacks and custom remixes.


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