“I want the music I play to give people energy and keep them on the dance floor.”

File Aug 16, 8 33 33 PMFemme A is one of the prominent female DJs in Palm Springs, currently holding residencies at two of the top gay nightclubs Hunters and Toucans. She caters to a variety of musical tastes, ranging from the more popular Hip Hop, R’n’B and Top 40 selections to more acquired Nu-Funk and EDM styles.

LA born AnnaMarie Flores’ passion for music emerged in her teenage years and took hold in her late twenties when she moved to the Coachella Valley to hone her skills at events through Boudoir Entertainment, whilst attending Scratch Academy and eventually obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production. Word of mouth helped Femme A achieve wide-spread recognition and her popularity gained steady momentum to secure consistent work at high energy nightclubs including, but not limited to Hunters, Agua Caliente Casino and Toucans, along with more laid back sets at Saks Fifth Avenue, Arrive Hotel pool parties or even local private events. Whilst she spins mostly open format, she is very much influenced by electronica dance music, she likes to introduce her crowds to new remixes of “throwbacks”, adding a sense of nostalgia to the contemporary music scene.

Femme A is also the creator of Velvet – a special event “for women who love women”, currently held at Toucans nightclub on a bi-monthly basis. The first event was in August of 2015 and it has since grown to become a highly anticipated event amongst the local LGBT female community. The next upcoming Velvet night will be on September 29th at the same venue.

September dates
9/1 Toucans
9/12 Toucans
9/9 Toucans
9/12 Toucans
9/15 Toucans
9/16 Hunters
9/23 Toucans
9/26 Toucans
9/29 Toucans (Velvet)

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