It has been relatively quiet for gay porn stars the last month or two. After all the noise from Hustlaball and the AVN convention dies out, plus the XBIZ awards in LA are done, most of the sane porn stars do some small traveling around the country and don’t start acting all cray-cray until The Grabby Awards in Chicago hits in May. Last year the biggest story around this time was that gay porn star, MIKE DOZER was arrested in Delaware on a slew of charges including statutory rape and assault stemming from allegedly having sex with a 14-year old that he met on a gay hookup site in mid-2014. The story is awful and extremely unfortunate for all parties – if you want to recall all the events of what transpired you can Google his name.


Porn star and friend of Dirty Dish, CLIFF JENSEN, was arrested in LA early this year on a Felony charge of being a “fugitive from justice.” Not much was detailed when he was arrested but these charges could very well be linked up to his previous arrests in Florida. Since the beginning of February there has been no direct word from Cliff Jensen. His Twitter page @LoveCliffJensen has been relatively active as someone is moderating it for him sending occasional updates and setting up a way of fans to donate money to Cliff. The last tweet, just a few days ago, simply said, “Updates on Cliff coming soon. He is doing well and says thanks for the love.” No word if Cliff is still in Los Angeles or was given a free trip back to Florida to face his other charges there.


RYAN ROSE and ETHN SLADE are together again. For those of you not in the porn loop; the couple broke up a few months ago and a very single Ryan Rose was at Hustlaball Vegas sans Slade. Ryan’s been posting photos of the two back together on Facebook and it seems all is well and they are back in love. If you were hoping to win Ryan’s love while he was single, I do apologize for being the bearer of bad news, however you can always try to buy his love by purchasing some of his Amazon Wish list items (13 pages worth of good crap) which include: a “build your own 2015 BMW M6 Gran Coupe” for $115,700 and a Rolex Submariner men’s watch costing $34,950. Too expensive? Perhaps a riding mower for $6,000 or a $2500 silver black diamond pendant. Ryan admits an Amazon Wish list is incredibly douchey so don’t be too hard on him!


If you are into guys who can shoot their own load in their mouth keep reading. If you’re into reading ignorant statements, also please keep reading! Porn actor and web performer, Jake Orion, best known for his webcam shows on Flirt4Free and a one-off solo he did for Randy Blue last year has admitted that while he enjoys webcamming he won’t have sex with other gay porn stars because he doesn’t want to take a chance with AIDS. Yup, he said it! Not HIV but full-blown AIDS! This might possibly be the biggest “WTF” moment of the month. Jake is sadly lacking on HIV/AIDS knowledge so let’s file this under: BITCH IS IGNORANT and move on!


Let’s move onto the rumor mill. Some are true, some are rumors. Do your own research and decipher because nothing has been 100 percent announced yet. Randy Blue is reportedly going all bareback, leaving DominicFord.com one of the last major “amateur” studios to keep condoms on set. This has been the quiet word around the porn industry and with RB-boy KILLIAN JAMES quietly leaving the studio, I’m curious to see what happens next! PS – for the record I STILL LOVE BLUE!!!! Speaking of Dominic Ford, the new season of “So You Think You Can Fuck” has already started taping! The new cast has yet to be announced and while I know the cast and some of the fun twists that will occur, you have to wait just a few more months until all is revealed. Dominic usually has fun ways of announcing his cast. Judging will once again be moderated by ME and I promise to give the entire fun lowdown when I get back from terrific-Toronto!


Lastly, in industry news CHRISTIAN OWEN was let go earlier this year from Hot House studios. Let’s be honest since Hot House joined  Raging Stallion/Falcon stable, nothing has been certain. It’s sad that this once huge porn star turned huge director moved to Las Vegas from San Francisco to follow his company and passion, which ultimately fucked him in the ass and gave him the boot! For the fans, Owen still has a few months of new movies coming out, his latest is “Erector” and it’s fetish at its finest! Owen has since started his own production company, Male Adult Network (M.A.N.), and has hubby Jimmy Durano and plenty of other hotties to work with.



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