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Founded in 2005, YouTube was originally a place to upload your personal videos, catch the latest music video from your favorite artist, or get lost in clips from TV, movies and Broadway.  Since then, however, the massive video site has become an environment where people are becoming stars in the YouTube pantheon based on their own creativity and personalities.  One of the most popular YouTube celebs in the LGBT space is the hunky, handsome and often nearly-naked Davey Wavey. With almost 800,000 subscribers to his channel and over 207 million views, Davey inspires viewers to come back week after week for fun, fitness and his infectious smile.  A certified personal trainer, Davey shares with his audience his expertise on wellness, plus his thoughts on a host of topics from coming out to straight guys to gay pride to dating tips and much more.


What inspired you to post your first video? 

Davey Wavey: At the risk of sounding like a grandpa (which I am in YouTube years), nowadays many kids start creating YouTube videos to become famous or to make it their career. Seven years ago, there were no famous YouTubers and there really wasn’t the possibility of making it your job. When I started making videos, there was no master plan. I just looked at it as a diary. I figured that it would be fun to look back and see what I was doing once I was all grown up.


Were you surprised by your videos racking up millions of views? 

Initially, I was actually really put off by the number of people watching my videos. I was even more taken aback by the comments. In fact, early on, I disabled the comments on my channel because I didn’t want viewers weighing in on my videos. Of course, things are much different now and I’ve really come to appreciate my audience as an incredible community. And I value the voices of the people who watch my videos. It just took me a little while to make the mental shift.


Was there a particular video that really took off for you?

Of course! The video that put me on the map was one about my masturbating neighbor. When I was living in Toronto, a hot guy was enjoying himself next door. I could see it from my apartment, and I obviously made a video about it. The rest is history.


Davey-Wavey-AJ-Ford-2What is your favorite video you’ve ever posted and why?

My favorite video is one that I posted earlier this year. It’s women seeing their vaginas for the first time. It’s moving, funny, and insightful–it’s the magic intersection of everything you’d want for a YouTube video. As silly as my videos sometimes are, I try to put a message in most of them. This is one of those times when it worked.


Do you have a favorite YouTube celeb whose videos you never miss?

There are a lot of YouTubers that I look up to, for different reasons. I admire Tyler Oakley for his hustle and for being so socially conscious. Instead of birthday presents, he raised more than a half million dollars for the Trevor Project. I admire Todrick Hall for his talent and creativity. When you look at the long list of YouTube personalities, there’s a lot to love.


As a certified fitness trainer, do you still have clients you train or does the YouTube channel take all your time?

I’m certified as a personal trainer, and part of my online presence is a fitness blog called Davey Wavey Fitness. Each week, I post content to the blog and create fitness and nutrition plans that viewers can download. Fitness is a passion of mine and it’s something that I enjoy sharing with my audience. At the end of the day, our bodies are the vehicle through which we experience life. So honoring your body is really just an extension of honoring life.


It’s a new year. You’re the fitness guru. Can you give our readers any tips to change up our approach to staying/getting in shape?

I’ll say this. Losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution. But if losing weight was really as easy as just moving more and eating smarter, we’d all be at our goal weight. Clearly, there is a huge psychological component. I think a step in the direction of releasing excess body fat is addressing–and improving–the relationship that you have with your body. Working out because you love your body, rather than working out because you hate your body, is a very powerful (and much more sustainable) thing.


Lucky for your viewers, you usually make videos wearing very little clothing. Was that a conscious choice from the beginning?

I just don’t wear clothes. I’m only wearing underwear right now. I don’t like the way shirts feel and I especially dislike sleeves. For me, being shirtless is really just me authentically expressing my naked self. It’s funny that people make such a big deal about it. After all, we’re all born naked. I think the more interesting question isn’t why is Davey naked… it’s why are you not?


Davey-Wavey-Rick-DaySince you are the shirtless video hottie – What’s your favorite brand of underwear?

My favorite brand of underwear is obviously DirtyFit underwear. It’s a brand that I created with my team and launched last month through a Kickstarter. It’s truly the best underwear in the world, and I can say that because I’ve worn every single brand. We wanted to create an underwear that’s sexy, comfortable and high quality. And I think we accomplished that. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you won’t be able to get a pair until we launch our website next month. So stay tuned!


Seven years ago was the beginning of folks becoming YouTube stars… what do you think will be the next step in reality/celebrity evolution?

I have no desire to be a big celebrity or become some reality TV star or talking head on some talk show. I will do what feels right for me, wherever those opportunities are. But I hope to have the wisdom and grace to know that once I’ve said everything that I need or want to say, to shut up and sit down. And maybe move to a small cottage on an island in Hawaii.


You can follow Davey on his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/wickydkewl.

Randy Slovacek is the author of The Randy Report, covering entertainment, pop culture and political news of interest to the LGBT community. Follow him at www.therandyreport.com

Photos by: AJ Ford and Rick Day


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