CODY CUMMINGS IS DEAD! No, not the person (who’s real name is Kevin Lengyel), but the porn star name “Cody Cummings” is technically dead in his eyes. Last week in a 16 minute YouTube video, which Cody posted and then suddenly took down, he called out his former employer Next Door Male for breach of contract, being unprofessional and mismanagement – to name just a few!

In case you have been under a rock for the last 8 years, Next Door Male is the mega studio who is responsible for creating some of the biggest names in the gay porn star genre – especially the niche of ‘gay for pay’ including the likes of Marcus Mojo, Tommy D, Tyler Toro, James Huntsman, Samuel O’Toole, Rod Daily and of course the now dead Cody Cummings.

I think it’s safe to say whether you love him or loathe him he is the ultimate ‘gay for pay’ performer out there. This guy commands both the male and female market with teetering on the line of bisexuality while fiercely denying it.

In Cody’s YouTube video, he pleads his case, speaking to his fans about being Cody on a daily basis and as a brand. “There is a difference between running a company or a brand and being a brand I can’t make all my decisions based on money. I have to make them based on my gut, how i feel, the image i want to portray how I see the brand down the road in the future – all of these things are important to me. I have to compromise and balance the money mixed with where we are headed and how we are getting to where I want to be.”

Noticeably upset about how his former company allegedly handled the release of his guy on girl scenes on the site he says he hired an attorney to comb through the original contract that him and Next Door Male had. According to Cody his attorney said “If you walk away you do so without the name Cody Cummings and without the domain name – you have given them ownership of that.” Cody then claims: “I didn’t know that, I was lied to about that. That’s my name, that was my name when I came to the place – they made a site around my name… but my name is Kevin and I made that name up and I’ll just make up a different name.”

WHAT??? Is he saying that he will just create a new porn name? I’m not too sure yet but I do know that this won’t be the last we hear from Cody Cummings. Want to waste 16 minutes of your life? Log onto as they were able to save it before Cody yanked it down.

Speaking of Next Door Male they will be jamming my new night at Revolver all through the month of July with their hot brand new guys! Dirty Dish has been hosting some beautiful boys since we opened our doors on Wednesday nights from 7-10pm at Revolver in West Hollywood and I’m so excited that the guys at Next Door Male will be with me all month long! Follow me on Twitter for all the newest porn updates: @DirtyDishXXX

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