By Josh Jacquez

Featuring characters created by Gen Urobuchi, Kinoko Nasu, Izuki Kogyoku, Simadoriru, and Ryōgo Narita. Keiosu Doragon or Chaos Dragon is the anime based on a Japanese role-playing game created by Makoto Sanda, called Red Dragon. In a land of war and dragons Ibuki is a boy who has the power to save or destroy it all. D’natia and Kōran are warring countries that have put the small island country of Nil Kamui in the middle of their strugle for power. Each country has a dragon god that gives certain people abilities to help protect the land and do their bidding. After Nil Kamui’s red dragon goes crazy and destroys most of the people, the two warring countries decide to send an expedition to find and kill the red dragon causing a major power shift which would ensure victory. Ibuki makes friends along the way with the representatives of the two countries, and is forced to make countless decisions throughout the journey in order to use the power given to him from the red dragon. The power has the ability to cause miracles to occur, but usually have a high price to pay in return. The twelve episode series can be watched with subtitles on Hulu.

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