If like myself, you can remember the original Super Nintendo System, then you may have played a little vampire hunting game in 1986 by Konami called Castlevania. The game followed the exploits of the Belmont family as they fought against Dracula and his minions throughout his labyrinthine castle. Right about now you might be wondering why would I bring up a video game from the 80’s in the anime review section. Well the answer to that is simple, Netflix has licensed a 12 episode anime based off of the games with the first installment starting this year and the second in 2018. The first season takes place during the timeline of the third game “Dracula’s Curse,” and as one might expect of a show based off Dracula, is full of blood, guts, and plenty of creatures that go bump in the night. We also get to see the softer side of Count Vlad Dracula Tepes. With only a few changes made to the original script written back in 2008 by Warren Ellis, Powerhouse Animation Studios and Frederator Studios are able to bring Konami’s world to life with Ayami Kojima’s inspired animation. Netflix has both subtitles and dubbed versions of each episode.

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