By April Veinte

Cannabis has been connected to humankind for 1000s of years. The earliest reference to the plant can be found on Chinese records that were written in 2800 B.C.  Did you know…wild Cannabis plants can grow up to 5 meters in height and generally flower between late fall and summer.

Cannabis grows wild in numerous Asian countries and is widely deemed to have originated in India. Numerous indigenous communities around the world utilize cannabis for medical, religious, and recreational purposes. Although some critics consider cannabis or marijuana a “gateway drug,” there are several therapeutic and psychoactive reasons why cannabis is recommended by medical doctors and holistic practitioners.

Some of the health benefits associated with cannabis:

  • It Can Help Regulate the Symptoms and Effects of Diseases.

Research has shown that cannabis can ease and/or block the physical effects associated with glaucoma, epileptic seizures and even cancer.

• It Can Improve Your Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight.
Cannabis has been shown to help regulate insulin production, which helps our bodies manage its daily calorie intake more efficiently. That is great news for weed smokers, if you can avoid the munchies!

  • It Can Fight Depression and Anxiety.

Although there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove this benefit, many Cannabis users believe that marijuana helps regulate their mood and in more intense situations often acts as a mild sedative.

• It Can Help You Focus and Spur Mental Creativity.
When compared to the stoner stereotype, medicinal marijuana may actually boost one’s creativity and help people concentrate on their job. While cannabis may negatively affect short-term memory, individuals who smoke cannabis tend to perform well on tests where they are required to creative or inventive.  Yes, you read that correctly… cannabis can enhance your creativity.

• It Can Help Reverse the Negative Impacts of Smoking Cigarettes on Your Lungs
A groundbreaking study that was published in 2012 shocked many cannabis critics. The study showed that cannabis/marijuana does not have severe effects on the lungs, but instead can eliminate the side effects of tobacco smoking. NOTE: this study was based upon subjects who stopped smoking cigarettes and were occasional cannabis users.


*Disclaimer – This article is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult with your medical practitioner before using cannabis.

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