By: Scott Boardman

This article isn’t an M4M love story; it’s about Brent Corrigan, arguably the most talked about and controversial porn star that gay adult industry has ever seen since the release of the 2004 Cobra film “Every Poolboy’s Dream.” This article isn’t a love story, but it is about a boy who became a man and who loves the industry he works in – the good and the bad.

Brent Corrigan has lasted eleven years, winning six GayVN Awards and over 30 nominations. Even with a nearly four year hiatus he’s still on top of his game working both behind and in front of the camera – last year making a huge unexpected move by signing a long term contract with Falcon Studios, which he describes as being a breath of fresh air and comfortable.  “I’ve been working every month with Falcon and I’m very proud of how that relationship has developed. I really love working with the entire team which is small, tight and caring and I’m not sure too many people can say that about a lot of studios,” said Brent. “(Falcon) being the legend studio they are, you can feel the love and there’s no pretension.”

One of the biggest factors in signing with the conglomerate studio (which also encompasses AEBN, Raging Stallion, Hot House, Naked Sword and blog The Sword) was his underlying trust and respect for Chris Ward, Falcon Studios Group President. Brent says that no matter what goes down he knows that Chris would have his back – and it seems like the feeling is mutual since Chris Ward was quoted as saying “When Brent approached me about working for us I was really thrilled. This young man has real talent and energy, and I was really charmed by his intelligence.”

When asked to name some of his favorite models that he’s worked with over the years, Brent doesn’t hesitate to name Luke Hass and current Falcon Exclusive Sean Zevran among the best.   “Honestly the best scenes I ever did pre-Falcon were with Luke Hass. He was fantastic and everything I was into,” remembers Brent.

Brent’s four year hiatus from porn pitted him against Sean Zevran in the sweaty, spit-fueled locker room Falcon release “Jacked.”

“Sean refuses to let the industry shrink him down to nothing but a piece of meat… AND sex with him was amazing. Honestly I have checked out when it comes to a lot of models. These days it seems like they are scrambling to pay their rent and looking for their next gig – it’s a rat race out there.”

Whether you’re a consumer or an industry insider, you remember a time when porn was thriving; DVDs were selling, stars had magazine covers and everyone was making money. Brent remembers a time when studios took care of their models and the models took care of the studio.  While he is still a working model, produces his own content for and has his own toy line via Fleshjack, he is candid on what happened to the industry.

“I think many studios and actors have been knocked off their high-horse with the industry and how it has changed so much with the way consumers “consume” but don’t buy, and that’s frustrating. We are putting way too much time and energy into social networking. We think that these numbers mean something. I literally have 150,000 followers on Twitter and almost 800,000 followers on Facebook and for someone like me who does appearances and constantly relies on those numbers to pull a crowd, I’m telling you that those numbers don’t mean shit!  Consumers have a lot of opinions but at the end of the day, if they aren’t pulling out their wallet out to purchase content, then they aren’t doing me any good. There was a time in porn, and I remember vividly, when you had your favorites. A model would have a favorite director because they made you look good; a favorite studio because they studio took care of them and they made sure you had a good enough chunk of that box cover and that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Brent-Corrigan-GED2But Brent doesn’t always see the cup has half empty; there’s a gentle side, and even admits to being a hopeful romantic.  But if you expect to find him on a Saturday night hanging in a club, good luck. He says that he’d much rather shoot a bad game of pool with a guy then hit up a club. Want to get Brent’s attention at a bar? Tip: don’t call him Brent, instead call him by his real name Sean. Want to buy Sean a drink? Order him a Peroni or a wheat beer. Brent says that currently there is a man from his past back in his life (and for those die-hard fans out there he wants to let you know “he’s not the one that broke his heart because he will never get back in”) but he does love him because this guy pushed him to get into mainstream movies and shares the same passion and love for horses as he does. Brent also admits to liking kayaking, independent films and of course: riding horses. Yes, Brent says he doesn’t mind getting a little dirty.

“I’m in good shape, I’m smart, and I feel like for 28 years old I’m holding up pretty well – but I don’t feel like a catch. I feel much of coming back to porn was about the wrong things and my self esteem had really been lowered by the nasty things people said about me. I don’t think anything deserves to feel that way.”

Mr. Corrigan is not going anywhere anytime soon – unless he chooses. Falcon loves him, the fans love him and the money is still there for this young man. But at the end of our exclusive interview there was one final question to ask: why do you stay in the industry?

“I still find myself alternatively minded. I think that I don’t exist well in the rest of the world. I know I’ve said a lot of critical things about the industry but there’s so much I love about it too – or at least the idea of it. I remember things like Chi Chi LaRue’s “Heaven to Hell,” and I remember things that were really exciting and even though it was sexual we were exhibiting the best production values the industry could offer at that time. Even though there are some low points, I won’t give up. It’s like my work with horses. I love horses dearly and maybe I give certain horses a chance that I shouldn’t; but you work with them and rehab them and they come back and you can’t believe you did it. The reality is to not give up on something that’s a little run down. You just don’t walk away from it because it’s the easy thing to do; instead you stand by it and if it really strikes a chord with you then you stay… I came back and I’ve stayed.”

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