Love is who we are, and why we are here! To give and receive love, to experience profound depths of it in this lifetime, this is what we signed up for!  We chose to come here, to take on a body so that we can experience the gift of loving and being loved! To give fully, completely, and unconditionally, is what we said yes to, so let’s get busy amplifying our love!

The essence of love is everywhere, always has been and always will be. As we are all connected to the core of the Universe, which is the essence of Love, then that core is always gifting us with more of its nature.  It is imperative for each of us to simply remember that we are light beings here to give and receive love in massive measure!  Every day, every moment, truly each breath we take is an opportunity to express more of our loving nature. The healing balm that soothes aches and pains, that comforts and uplifts broken hearts that empowers us to new heights of expansive joy, this is what we said yes to!

When we begin to remember that the power of love resides in our own hands, in our own choices, then it becomes easier to amplify it.  When we begin to pull back our gaze from looking, or searching for love outside of ourselves, but instead simply BEING love, then we discover there is always enough.  Living in the awareness that this precious quality flows from our heart, and when we are willing it can flow freely and abundantly.

Think about it for a moment, where can you be more compassionate and loving to yourself and to those around you today?  Where can you forgive yourself and others?  Where can you acknowledge and express appreciation for your life this day?  I often invite my clients to ask these questions and two more very, very important questions as often as possible:  “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?  What is the most loving thing I can do for another?”

Ask, and then listen. Spirit will lead the way with answers that will crack your heart open. Be willing to follow the inner guidance and stretch in your YES to love fully and completely. Let us together choose to amplify love with every breath we take. Open your heart, take a breath, and remember, love is why we are here!

Repeat often and with passion:

I choose this day, this moment, to open my heart and be willing to give and receive abundant, overflowing love!


“In a state of love, we are magnets for love.  We are literally more lovable and more enjoyable to love.”  Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love


Kim Stanwood Terranova, ALSP




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