By Charlie Gage

Prism Comics has been the groundbreaking non-profit organization with a mission to foster creativity and opportunity for up-and-coming LGBTQAIU comic creators for over ten years. It is from the acronym of this large umbrella of previously marginalized people that Prism comics have named their new deluxe format hardback anthology book ALPHABET. Equally impressive in size and talent, ALPHABET represents the best of the best from their many years of awarding the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. With over 350 pages of new works from over 50 creators, this book spans the spectrum from the abstract style of “I’m In the Amoral Camp” by Dylan Good, to the classic clean style of fan favorite Joe Phillips with “Dramedy!”

ALPHABET features works by not only the previous grant winners, but also from many new voices that have applied in the past for the Queer Press Grant. Many pieces such as “On Reflection” by Dylan Edwards, “Tight Gear” by Justin Hall, “Cons” by Dave Davenport, and ”The Real Superheroes” by Jon Macy break the forth wall and explore the idea of a queer comics artist not only finding their voice, but also finding Prism Comics. This book also features works by established veterans in the LGBTQAIU comics such as Roberta Gregory, Robert Kirby, Paige Braddock, and Howard Cruse.

I’ve only barely scratched the surface of all of the outstanding work on these pages. If you’re a fan of gay comics in any of its letter forms you should check out this book. For more information and to order ALPHABET, go to

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