The value of your advertising investment…MAXIMIZED!

A few words from our distributor, Pride In Media.  Having spent the past 20 years personally distributing LGBT publications throughout the west coast, no one is more experienced in evaluating how both readers and advertisers alike get the very most out of the print magazines distributed to bars and businesses. And, it will be this exceptional model of distribution that will immediately brand the name GED “After Dark” across the West coast.

We start by being one of the very few publications that personally oversee each and every delivery made in all markets, including traveling to  San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix to distribute the magazine. And, we personally handle all of the Southern California distribution as well.  The cliché “If you want the job done right, do it yourself” couldn’t be more relevant than in the distribution of free magazines.

Bar owners and businesses DO NOT want some absurd quantity of bundles randomly dumped outside doors in the middle of the night. Only to have to bring them in, and figure out what they are going to do with them let alone the countless copies leftover from the issue before. And, this is your advertising dollars we are speaking of here. Just as I do for all of my other clients, the GED “After Dark” will be delivered when the business or club is open. The appropriate amount will be displayed on a highly branded rack that also thanks the business or club for the opportunity to display the magazines. Leftover copies, if any, will be removed. Replenishment of high volume locations is a constant process throughout the month. The rack displaying the GED “After Dark” will have a back plate with the GED “After Dark” QR code to ensure anyone attempting to retrieve a copy will NOT be turned away. They WILL walk away with the Gay Entertainment Directory.

This process will be a constant throughout the distribution of GED “After Dark”  along the West coast. As many LGBTers travel from market to market and the West coast has many LGBT tourists, you have effectively reached EVERY LGBTer that ventures outside of their house to be social by committing your advertising dollars into supporting the GED “After Dark” with your ads.  We proudly look forward to your reaching every bit of return possible from that support.